Monday, September 10, 2012


So.. Yesterday we wanted to go to the exposition. On the way, we took some pictures for the blog and as we arrived, the exposition was already over. We've totally forgotten the time. 

The exposition it's not really something that I put together with art. But if you think about the time and the work the artist put in this project - I only can say WOW! It was a great job, well done and really interesting. He has made a film with 1000 of differences short scenes from other films, and took always the scene with a clock. So you can imagine, you don't have to look at your watch, because in the film it shows all 20 seconds where you can read the time. 
I think for older people it's more interesting, because he took especially the films from their generations - so you can always guess from which film the scene is. 
We stood only 30 minutes, because we were so tired. We moved yesterday night the things from the old studio from my boyfriend in his new one.. till 2 o'clock. 

Wish you a good start in the new week. :)

xo, Rocio

Blazer: Blanco
Necklace: Blanco
Shirt: Pull&Bear
Shorts: H&M
Bag: Zara
Shoes: Creepers


  1. lovely velvet Blazer... it fits you so well

  2. hallo
    I am interested in the velvet blazer
    I could buy it from them.
    I pay what they want.
    I offer 100 to 150 euros for one.
    or what they want.
    please write to me


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