Sunday, October 7, 2012


So the summer is for sure over and the autumn has begun. It's the time where people don't know what to wear. You see everything on the street. From people with Flip Flop till people who grab already their Woolrich jacket from the wardrobe. I'm also one of these people - early in the morning you see me with scarf, pullover and jacket and when I return from the work, I hold all clothes in the hand because it's still warm. 
This saturday we went to the city and searched the leo Vans shoes, that I want for so long. 
I've ordered some on the online Shop from Landau, but unfortunately they send me the wrong ones and now they're out of stock. So, I've to search from new again. 
But I didn't go home with empty hands - I bought some converse to make me again a studded pair. This time in gold. :)

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. 

xo, Rocio

 My Boyfriend and photographer also posing for the blog.. :)

Sweater, Pants and Shoes: Zara
Bag: Gucci (vintage)
Bracelets: DIY's and Accessoirize

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