Thursday, October 18, 2012


I wanted to do this post for so long time and now I finally got the chance and the pictures for that. 
My boyfriend a.k.a. Calimero or for all his friends Dave has an artist side. I got so many pictures from him - and they're always so different and filled with passion. You can watch a picture all day long and you get never tired of it because you'll find always something new in it. I think (and this not only because it's my boyfriend) his an amazing artist and will achieve much of people with his pictures. They're not only pictures - it's always a story behind it. 
He'll have an exhibition next wednesday with his friend in the club "Hive"- so if you live in Zurich, don't be shy and take a look (from 18:00 o'clock).. :)
I hope my boyfriend will read also this post, so I can say him on this way, that I wish him all the best and that I believe in him - I'm so proud!

xo, Rocio 

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