Thursday, November 22, 2012


I just read some of my blogpost and noticed that I never or almost never wear heels. If you live in a city like Zurich it isn't really normal to wear heels during the day, expect you're working in a fashion agency (which isn't really often represented here) or you wear minimal heels (a.k.a. not really "heels" just some shoes with a thicker sole as usual). The trendy high heels only become apparent during the night time, like the device "everything looks better when the sun goes down". I don't like to wear heels during the day time either, you'll stared like the monkeys and listen unnecessary comments such as "we're not in New York". Yes, the young man has a good perception.. good boy.. I mean.. common.. in which century do you live?! Isn't it allowed to wear also high heels during the day in Zurich?
Dummies and comments like this, take the whole pleasure to wear heels. 
I'm asking myself, why do I listen to this? Why don't wear Heels when I want? 
I want to change something and I'll change it as soon as possible. I don't want to wear anymore only sneakers, because 400'000 other people do this in Zurich. I want to show what my passion is - not only in the internet, nope, also in the real life.
So.. you'll see me in the near future a few inches taller. :)
And yes, it's a pity that I'll only learn it through my blog - but rather late than never.. right?

xo, Rocio

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