Monday, November 12, 2012


The third day we wanted to see a little bit of London and search a store outside of London City. So we went to a place called "Hoxton". In the store we've found nothing special but after that, we've had many lucky punches. We found a restaurant, which made sooooo good burgers and the local had a vintage touch. It was so cute. :) I want to go back there and eat right now again this burger (well, if you know me - you'll know I don't like very a lot of food. I hate any variety of sauce, just as tomato and salad and all this things) So, a burger is not really my favorite food. But it was the first time ever, that I ate a burger -only bred and meat- in a restaurant. You might ask yourself now, how can I say that this local made very good burgers. This is very simple, on the one hand the restaurant was full and on the other hand.. well.. you just must have a look on the face of my boyfriend.. hahaha :D
After that we walked a lot, took the underground metro to go from one point to the other and also the bus to see the city. It was a beautiful day with many of unforgettable moments. :)

xo, Rocio

Jacket: Zara
Sweater: Pull&Bear
Shorts: Zara
Boots: Moschino
Bag: Gucci (vintage)

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