Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I've changed my name from "the mannequin" to "la percha" (in english = clothes hanger) - simply because I don't felt very comfortable with my old name. I thought many people could understand it different and would have an other aspect of the meaning of the word mannequin.. Now, with la percha, I can definitely identify my personality with my blog.
I'll change the page more from time to time. Make it more readable, exciting and more happier (does this word even exist? haha). 
I hope you'll notice and especially see a change. :)

In honor of the "reopening" of my blog, I wanted to complete one of my biggest wishes. Since ever I've wanted to allow me a (more expensive then others) bag. Last week I saw the Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 bag in Lovely Pepa's blog and I was sooo positive attired of this bag, that I wanted it immediately. Usually, I don't like LV bags really - almost everybody wears it, the original one or a fake one. But when I saw how Alexandra (from Lovely Pepa) styled and wore it - I knew, that this bag will be soon mine. 
Today - should be the BIG day, so exited that I've been thinking and dreaming almost the whole day of the bag and put many of different outfits together which could match with it. But when I stood before the store, the only thing I saw, was a notice saying "today: because of inventory - closed already at 16.00 o'clock". I mean WTF.. for once in my entire life I went into the store and they were closed TODAY?! Are you kidding me? -.-
My mother could also not believe it (actually, she doesn't realized that the store were closed) - rattled the door like Fred Flintstone screaming WIIIlLMAAAA. 

So, as you can see, I would love to show you something more exiting then a simple "Hello there.." but I have nothing to show you for the moment. Tomorrow I'm going for 5 days to London and I'm sure, then I'll have some different things to show you - maybe also the LV bag. :)

xo, Rocio

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