Monday, July 23, 2012


I was so excited with the idea of doing a blog that I completely forgot to introduce myself.

So, I'll do this now..

My name is Rocio and I’m 22 years old. I live in Switzerland but my roots are in Spain. I’ve done my apprenticeship in the commercial sector. It hasn’t much a variety in this daily routine so I've decided to do additionaly something with fashion. I’ve always been interested in fashion and creative things. Therefore I thought a blog would be, for the start, the perfect balance to everyday life.

I admire the people who manage a blog for several years and have become very successful with it. They inspire not only the reader but also the world of fashion and the designers. They've also inspired me to try something new and not to do always the usual things in life.

The name of my blog - you shouldn't interpret it as the mannequin like "model" but like the mannequins that you find in the shop-windows, which maybe some of you use as inspiration.

So, I hope, I'll inspire you the same way like the other bloggers or the mannequins, as they inspired me.

See you soon.. :)

xo, Rocio
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