Friday, November 30, 2012

H&M SS13

While outside the snowflake decorate the city in white, I've nothing better to do than to surf in my warm room through the internet and go from one fashion site to the other. And instead of looking for winter clothes (I desperately need some winter shoes for the work) I look already for the new collections. I've seen now the H&M SS13 collection and I must say, i like what I see.. :) I think, this is something completely new from H&M. I've rarely seen something like this at H&M apart of the many collaborations with the designers.
I can't wait to see these clothes on the rod - although only, because it would mean that the winter is over. And in the meantime, I warm me up with the SS12 collection in internet. 

xo, Rocio

Monday, November 26, 2012


I finally had the chance to put my new shoes from Aldo on. Mixed with my baroque blazer from H&M and a really really vintage bag from my mother. I think the baggy pants made this look a little bit more casual and easy to go to a bar and drink some cocktails with the birthday girl and her invited. I had an amazing night apart of my fatigue (I really think I'm to old for party and all this stuff - especially when I've to work the same day.. -.-). 

Hope you had a good start. :) 

xo, Rocio

Thursday, November 22, 2012


I just read some of my blogpost and noticed that I never or almost never wear heels. If you live in a city like Zurich it isn't really normal to wear heels during the day, expect you're working in a fashion agency (which isn't really often represented here) or you wear minimal heels (a.k.a. not really "heels" just some shoes with a thicker sole as usual). The trendy high heels only become apparent during the night time, like the device "everything looks better when the sun goes down". I don't like to wear heels during the day time either, you'll stared like the monkeys and listen unnecessary comments such as "we're not in New York". Yes, the young man has a good perception.. good boy.. I mean.. common.. in which century do you live?! Isn't it allowed to wear also high heels during the day in Zurich?
Dummies and comments like this, take the whole pleasure to wear heels. 
I'm asking myself, why do I listen to this? Why don't wear Heels when I want? 
I want to change something and I'll change it as soon as possible. I don't want to wear anymore only sneakers, because 400'000 other people do this in Zurich. I want to show what my passion is - not only in the internet, nope, also in the real life.
So.. you'll see me in the near future a few inches taller. :)
And yes, it's a pity that I'll only learn it through my blog - but rather late than never.. right?

xo, Rocio

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


1. Alain Quilici shoes from Solestruck / 2. Greek sweater from Topshop / 3. Antik Batik clutch from Net-a-porter / 4. dress from River Island / 5. J.w. Anderson tee from Topshop / 6. Dannijo necklace from Shopbop / 7. Chelsea boots from Topshop / 8. necklace from River Island / 9. nailpolish -Pink Fizz / Utopia / Emerald City / LIme Green- from Modelsown / 10. bag from Maison Martin Margiela for H&M

Doing the whole night nothing else than visit one shopping page after an other. Here are some of my favorite pieces that I saw tonight. If my wallet it permits, I'll buy some of this lovely things. :)

xo, Rocio


So since the hard working time in my office has begun, I like to have some chill out weekend. While in London last weekend wasn't any time for a recovery, I wanted to do nothing this weekend. 
Some shopping with my good old friend Maria on Saturday - we bought just some gift for our friend, which celebrate this friday her birthday. 
On Sunday I've done nothing else than go to the cinema with my old classmates and played some billiard, darts and foosball games with my boyfriend.. (and by the way, I won all of them.. :D )
For such a chill out weekend I found nothing more comfortable to wear, than some new stuff from London. Like the "Owww" shirt from Topshop and my cardigan from Primark mixed with some old stuff, like my shoes from Cannes and my really, really old bag from H&M. And as usual, all different patterns, which didn't really match together - but I love to wear it like this.. :)

P.s. Since Saturday, as my friend wore her new Zara shoes, I'm dreaming only about this pair of shoes (really obsessed and not really normal), so that I haven't had an other choice to satisfy finally myself. Soooo.. yeees, I've now a new pair of Zara shoes at home.. again.. yeaaaahyy..:D

Wish you a good night :)

xo, Rocio

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Last day in London - and I really enjoyed this day too. I found, it was a good day, to wear finally my DIY bag combined with leopard Vans and my jewelry sweater. I love to mix different patterns and to dress something up or down with little details. And as you can see, I wear also in this post my jeans from Bershka. It's the only one which fits me in every possible way - from the length till the width. I'm just in love with this and hope to find more of this kind of jeans. 
So, back to London. We've walked for long this day too (thanks god, a day has only 24 hours. My legs, knees and feet would be out of use if not) and saw again many beautiful things.
I might say this all the time, because I'm from a country which have ca. 7-8Mio. habitants and London alone has more habitants than Switzerland. I just don't know it this way and I'm very fascinated with the whole city. I've had such a good time and fun with the people there. They're very friendly and helpful. I really can't wait to go visit this city again.

xo, Rocio

Monday, November 12, 2012


The third day we wanted to see a little bit of London and search a store outside of London City. So we went to a place called "Hoxton". In the store we've found nothing special but after that, we've had many lucky punches. We found a restaurant, which made sooooo good burgers and the local had a vintage touch. It was so cute. :) I want to go back there and eat right now again this burger (well, if you know me - you'll know I don't like very a lot of food. I hate any variety of sauce, just as tomato and salad and all this things) So, a burger is not really my favorite food. But it was the first time ever, that I ate a burger -only bred and meat- in a restaurant. You might ask yourself now, how can I say that this local made very good burgers. This is very simple, on the one hand the restaurant was full and on the other hand.. well.. you just must have a look on the face of my boyfriend.. hahaha :D
After that we walked a lot, took the underground metro to go from one point to the other and also the bus to see the city. It was a beautiful day with many of unforgettable moments. :)

xo, Rocio

Saturday, November 10, 2012


Second day = Shopping day. Of course was the first thing that we've made in London, go shopping on the Oxford Street. Because our Hotel is nearby the Hyde Park situated, we've wanted to go trough the park and not with the underground metro. I've totally forgotten, that the Hyde Park was also well known because of the many squirrel there. And I was sooooo happy, when I saw one. Primarily we've wanted to go early to the Primark, before it was full of people. But with this little beasties we've forgotten all around us. It was so funny, and as people saw how we've tried to get them closer, they gave us some peanuts. So nice and friendly people - I love the atmosphere and the people here. 
After a while we let the squirrel alone and went finally shopping. I've never walked that much, that my legs and knees hurts. But it was definitely worth it. :)

xo, Rocio


On Wednesday we finally went to London to have a longer weekend as usual. I love to go casual and especially comfortable on travel, so I put my new trousers from Zara on. 
Directly after the checkin in the hotel we've searched an american food store to buy finally some Pop Tarts. Since we've booked this trip, I were only thinking about this. I wanted them so badly. I've tried them once as a young girl in the house of a friend and now, after many years, I can eat them again. :D We also went to the Westfield Shopping Center - and Jesus, I couldn't believe my eyes. Such a dimension is unknown in Zurich. You can see it at the last picture - this is only a small part of the Shopping Center. It had also a shop from the Modelsown Nailpolish. The store was so cute, itself looks like a Nailpolish bottle (you can see a picture of that on instagram: rocioegea).

kisses from London:), Rocio

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I've changed my name from "the mannequin" to "la percha" (in english = clothes hanger) - simply because I don't felt very comfortable with my old name. I thought many people could understand it different and would have an other aspect of the meaning of the word mannequin.. Now, with la percha, I can definitely identify my personality with my blog.
I'll change the page more from time to time. Make it more readable, exciting and more happier (does this word even exist? haha). 
I hope you'll notice and especially see a change. :)

In honor of the "reopening" of my blog, I wanted to complete one of my biggest wishes. Since ever I've wanted to allow me a (more expensive then others) bag. Last week I saw the Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 bag in Lovely Pepa's blog and I was sooo positive attired of this bag, that I wanted it immediately. Usually, I don't like LV bags really - almost everybody wears it, the original one or a fake one. But when I saw how Alexandra (from Lovely Pepa) styled and wore it - I knew, that this bag will be soon mine. 
Today - should be the BIG day, so exited that I've been thinking and dreaming almost the whole day of the bag and put many of different outfits together which could match with it. But when I stood before the store, the only thing I saw, was a notice saying "today: because of inventory - closed already at 16.00 o'clock". I mean WTF.. for once in my entire life I went into the store and they were closed TODAY?! Are you kidding me? -.-
My mother could also not believe it (actually, she doesn't realized that the store were closed) - rattled the door like Fred Flintstone screaming WIIIlLMAAAA. 

So, as you can see, I would love to show you something more exiting then a simple "Hello there.." but I have nothing to show you for the moment. Tomorrow I'm going for 5 days to London and I'm sure, then I'll have some different things to show you - maybe also the LV bag. :)

xo, Rocio
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