Monday, December 31, 2012


I wish you all a happy new year - may you have next year the same success like 2012, if not better. 
May all your wishes come true :)

I let you with my last outfit post of this year. I took this pictures earlier today during the daylight. I choose for this evening something baroque, laces and flamenco/spanish like.. :) 

HAAAAPPPYYY NEEWWW YEAAAR.. :D and don't forget your red underwear (this brings luck and love into the next year)

xo, Rocio

Saturday, December 29, 2012


Hardly the sun goes up, the people are all outside to capture some sunshine.. inclusive myself..
I took this chance to put my sandals from F21 (really old one) and wore them with some socks, unfortunately it's still not warm enough to wear them with nothing. :( I also grabed an old coat from my wardrobe, which I really love. And of corse my brand new clutch from net-a- porter, which I mentioned in my Wish-list. I felt really comfortable in this outfit and hope you can see that.. :)

p.s. 10 minutes later the sun was already gone - you can see it on the pictures, only the first 4 pictures were taken with sun light.. at least something.. right? :)

xo, Rocio

Friday, December 28, 2012


I didn't have any time to wish you earlier a marry christmas - so I do it now.. :)
I hope, you and your family had an amazing time together and you have some fantastic days behind you. 
And on this way, I want to thank you so much for reading my blog and your lovely comments. I really appreciate that. :)

Wish you all the best. :)

xo, Rocio


Hi my lovely readers.. :)
Here are some picture from last weekend - when we went to buy the last minutes christmas gifts. On the way to the christmas market, we saw this bicycles on the street and thought this could be a funny picture.. hehe :D and I really love the result.
We didn't have white christmas but it was very cold outside. So I wore one more time my Dr. Martens boots and another faux fur jacket. Something very comfortable (again) and perfect for christmas shopping in the crowded stores. 

Wish you a good night..

xo, Rocio

Thursday, December 20, 2012


After the work in my office I made me on the way to the studio of my boyfriend. He give me for our anniversary a portrait (you can see it here). So.. I thought I could paint him to the christmas once something. In his studio, I could do the basics of his portrait (I know, there will be no more surprise for him - but at least he'll not see how I'll finish it. And.. I know he'll read this.. it's not the only present - so you'll have some surprises.. :) )
When I went to the studio I still have my working clothes on. I really like it to go very comfortable to the work, so it wasn't unfavorable for painting something. I wore the necklace I got from my friend. I'm really in love with this necklace.. :D I wonder where she alway found this things in Berlin. So.. yes.. here you've some pictures.. :D

xo, Rocio

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


So, I know I always say I'll post more pictures wearing heels or anything else then casual look. But if you see the weather here, you know.. it's not the best condition to wear shoes without profile.
I really, really want to invest more time in my blog.. and make so many outfit post as it's possible - but.. and this is another factor.. when I'm done with the work it's almost dark outside. And I hate how the picture looks taken with the flash. 
Therefor all outfit post becoming during the weekend. 
This outfit is from Sunday, again casual. I wear my new Mango pants with snake pattern, which could be very elegant. But I dressed it a little bit down, mixing it with my black creepers. And again my warm bearlike coat from Zara (from the last season).

Unfortunately I can only post one outfit from this weekend. The weather was very inviting to rest at home and decorate it. We build something in direction of a chimney or better.. the border from a chimney. You'll see it in the next post.. :)

Wish everyone out there a good night.. :) 

xo, Rocio

Sunday, December 2, 2012


So, this Sunday the stores were also open. We took the chance to buy some things for the decoration, but the shopping street was full of people that we lost very fast our motivation and our patience. After three stores we fled direction home. Primarily because it was snowing and the wind was so cold. Fortunately I wore my beady jacket from zara and my Dr. Martens boots (the only boots with profile that I have). 

Hope you had a great weekend too. :)

xo, Rocio


Saturday - December started and the search for the gifts also. But for me started especially the time with my family, friends and love. All are so stressed by work and school but in the winter time, they always take their time to spend with the nearest people. So I spend this weekend with my mum. Going shopping and decorated the whole apartment in Christmas spirit. :)
For shopping I wear very comfortable and warm clothes (it's freezing outside.. :S) BUUUT I wear during the day something like heels.. :D hehe
This were the Zara shoes my friend had on and made me so jealous with it. I wear also an XXL scarf from Zara, which you could use as a picnic blanket. But it's so fluffy and perfect for the winter. 

xo, Rocio  

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