Sunday, February 17, 2013


I saw yesterday after a long time my friends again. My friend passed her examen, so we had to clink some glasses. I noticed, that I get really out of shape for this things - I'll have to work on it. :P 
And today I met an other good old friend. I've laughed a long time ago so much like today. So it was a really funny and "good old time" weekend. I've really enjoyed it. :D

For the saturday I wore my old overall (suitable for the weekend-motto "OLD") from Blanco; something really casual. Of course again with some tights, because it's still to cold (really can't wait till the summer is here). 

Hope you had also an awesome weekend. :)

xo, Rocio

Jacket: New Yorker
Overall: Blanco
Shirt: from my brother
Shoes: Sam Edelman
Bag: MCM
Necklace: Zara


  1. Tengo un peto super parecido pero nunca se me había ocurrido ponérmelo de esta manera. Te copio!!!

    Te sigo desde ya mismo!!

    Un besazoo

    1. Muchas gracias.. Me alegra mucho haberte inspiraro.!:)

      Beso desde Zurich. :)

  2. Love the outfit!!!

  3. So chic! xoxo


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