Thursday, February 28, 2013


It's still to cold and grey outside. All people are like zombies: pale, tired and soo annoyed from this weather - and so am I.
You dress how you feel, right? So I wear today something very very comfortable (that feels like I'm wearing still my pyjama) for work. I hope, you've more light in you life :P

Me e decidió de escribir también en español. Así se entera mas mi familia de málaga y también por los que me siguen. Aunque mi gramática y vocabulario no es la mejor, ni en español, ni en ingles incluso alemán. Pero ojalá que visitáis mi blog para ver las fotos - y no solo para ver todos mis fallos :D

Todavía hace mucho frío y no hay ni un rayito de sol. Todas gente son como zombis; pálido, cansado y agobiado del tiempo - incluso yo.
Se viste como se siente, no? Pues yo llevaba hoy algo muy confortable (que se sentia como llevaba todavia mi pijama puesto) para ir al trabajo. Ojalá que vosotros tenéis mas luz en la vida :P

xo, Rocio

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


My boyfriend and I have got finally time to take some pictures after the work; and it had also enough light - yeahhyy spring is coming. :D
So I had really really fun as we took this pictures and I felt pretty much for the first time really comfortable. I didn't even care about the other people who stare on me. I wore my River Island (man section) sweater with the three monkeys (don't hear, see & speak - i looove it!) and my new old Moschino clutch/bag, which I've got from my mothers friend (grazie mille Giuly :-*). 

p.s. from tomorrow on I'll also write in spanish or try it.. :D oh and thank you very much for your comments.

xo, Rocio

Sunday, February 17, 2013


I saw yesterday after a long time my friends again. My friend passed her examen, so we had to clink some glasses. I noticed, that I get really out of shape for this things - I'll have to work on it. :P 
And today I met an other good old friend. I've laughed a long time ago so much like today. So it was a really funny and "good old time" weekend. I've really enjoyed it. :D

For the saturday I wore my old overall (suitable for the weekend-motto "OLD") from Blanco; something really casual. Of course again with some tights, because it's still to cold (really can't wait till the summer is here). 

Hope you had also an awesome weekend. :)

xo, Rocio

Sunday, February 10, 2013


This week I had everyday till 9.00 pm + on sunday morning school. So I'm very tired, and you can definitely see it on the pictures. But I wanted to show you this outfit. :) I wear a dress, that I bought last summer in Spain. This summer like dress changed with some tights and a leather jacket to a really cool fall dress. 

Hope you had a more relaxing weekend. :)

xo, Rocio

Thursday, February 7, 2013


We had this week for a short moment a little bit of sun and my legs don't want to do anything else than to feel the air and see some daylight after so a long time of being packed in jeans, tights, socks, etc.. 
So I gave them what they want. I wore my American Apparel tutu-skirt (yeahhh right - I wore it backwards and I have no idea why.. haha) and my very old boots from Forever 21. Of course with socks, it was still too cold. 

Hope the sun come back soon. :)

xo, Rocio

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I found a picture of how I wear this shoes 3 years ago.. That's definitely an other way to wear them. Hope you like it too.. :)

xo, Rocio

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I've made this shoes in 2010 for the first fashion Days in Zurich. I wanted to wear this at the time so baldy, that I glued stone for stone till 4 in the morning (and at 9 o'clock I started to work in the office) and this for 4 days. So, after I put so much time, force and patience - I though it would be time to wear them again. It's not a very special outfit. But I like to wear something more classic/remarkable with something very simple. That's not always like this. :)

xo, Rocio

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Did I say yesterday it was for once dry? So yes, this changed really fast after I wrote this. Yesterday night it started to snow again. Because of that, I took my mother's old Belstaff jacket. I really love the cut of it - even if it's to big for me. And it really warm me up (maybe also because I was always jumping around during the "photo session") haha.. :D

Have a nice Sunday evening. :)

xo, Rocio

Saturday, February 2, 2013


I was really thinking, that as I wrote last week "see you tomorrow" I really post something the next day. But this week happened some craaazy things.. I'll go with a friend in may for 3 month to New York and we've till today only the first month planed; nothing to sleep - and nowhere to go... hahaha And I got the super news and opportunity to go right after New York 6 month to Munich for a internship. So I still have to plan a lot of things for both cities. 
Anyway, it's still really cold outside but fortunately for once dry. I though a Trench Coat alone will be to boring, so I put my old Vest over it. I hope you like this :)

xo, Rocio

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